Dear Friends,

For more than two decades, my professional journey was guided by the dream to create value, while staying true to my convictions, beliefs and principles. I was fortunate to receive the support of many stalwarts, for which I shall remain eternally grateful. The market and its fluctuating cycles have also been great teachers, imparting an invaluable learning experience and contributing to the building of an organisation of considerable size and scale.

All along in this professional pursuit, I nursed the dream of exploring entrepreneurship. IKIGAI Asset Manager is a manifestation of that dream, a venture I am thrilled to introduce with my colleagues. Our collective vision was to build an organisation with an ‘investors first’ motto, anchored in the fundamental principles of trust, process, and performance. At IKIGAI, we are not only investment managers but also risk managers.

IKIGAI is a Japanese concept that translates to ‘reason for being’ or ‘purpose in life’. It comprises four essential elements: what you love, what you are good at, what the world needs, and what you can be paid for. The intersection of these four elements defines your IKIGAI, representing your purpose in life. It is this purpose that we seek and commit ourselves to the financial freedom of all our investors.

Trust and integrity serve as our guiding lights, steering us towards ethical decision-making, especially when persuaded by shortcuts. We have learnt that our reputation is intricately linked to the quality of our investments. Recognising that compromising our reputation and integrity comes at a great cost, we are committed to steadfastly hold onto them as valuable assets.

Process: In investing, an unwavering focus on process is paramount. While outcomes are often beyond our control, we wield influence over our processes, inputs, stock-selection criteria, and temperament. Embracing the Business, Management, and Valuations (BMV) strategy has enabled the establishment of a robust process, proven effective across diverse market cycles. Acknowledging the constant flux of market narratives, cultivating a long-term perspective becomes indispensable for success, particularly in today’s commoditised and noisy financial landscape.

Performance: Our investment journey is driven by a simple yet powerful philosophy: consistency and protection over the pursuit of isolated greatness in any single year. The emphasis is on longevity and sustained performance, rather than an annual celebration of results. Our goal is to steadily achieve slightly better-than-average performance year after year, contributing to the creation of wealth for numerous investors over the long term.

As we build IKIGAI from the ground up, we invite you to be a part of this journey.

Watch this space for more details in the coming weeks. Until then, wishing you financial well-being as you navigate the path of wealth creation. Happy investing!

Warm regards,

Pankaj Tibrewal
Founder & CIO
IKIGAI Asset Manager

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